Savannah Belle

 Located in a 200-year old historic building on Upper Factor's Walk, Savannah Belle features several clothing lines in all price ranges, one of those being a Peruvian cotton line. Made from the finest cotton in the world, the Peruvian cotton is still machine wash and wear!
 In addition to the beautiful clothing Savannah Belle has to offer, we carry handbags so unique that most have never seen ones like them before. One kind of those handbags are made from hand-hammered aluminum with or without crystals, made right here in the USA! 

Another line that we have are color block leather handbags- they are all leather, have lots of pockets, and are made in India. These handbags come in many different colors, so have your pick!
We hope that you not only enjoy your online shopping experience, but that you get the time to stop by and see us at our store in the historic district of Savannah! 
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