MOVING Antique Beige Map Globe - Shops on Bay
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MOVING Antique Beige Map Globe - Shops on Bay
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MOVING Antique Beige Map Globe - Shops on Bay
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MOVA Floating Globe - Antique Beige Map

$ 160.00

Countries on this vintage-inspired map are exquisitely defined with a warm palette of colors that pop out against the pale but comforting yellow hues. 

The internal map of the globe rotates through a light source.

The acclaimed World Maps Collection captures the legacy of maps as valuable sources of knowledge while adding a new dimension of wonder and appeal. Featuring a diverse assortment of maps ranging from antique finishes and classic relief depictions to contemporary metallic displays, this collection of rotating world maps bridges the traditional and the extraordinary to keep you thinking globally about the world. MOVA® World Maps are available in three sizes to accent any desk, tabletop or large space: the popular and accessible 4.5″, striking 6″, and statement-making 8.5″.

Stand included.


Preview of Globe Movement 

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