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La-Tee-Da! Cyan Waters Fragrance Effusion Lamp

$ 45.00

Effusion lamps are beautiful works of art! This lamp style is uniquely handcrafted by glass artisans, each vessel is individually mouth blown and no two are alike. Small bubbles and abnormalities add uniqueness to each piece.

The lamp, when lit, operates without an open flame. It destroys malodors from cooking, pets, or smoking and releases wonderful fragrance into the air. It can travel around an average size home in no time at all. Try putting a lamp in your car after a long trip to eliminate travelling smells such as fast food, teenagers, and dogs!

This lamp is packaged in a gift box and includes a wick & burner assembly, funnel, decorative crown, solid snuffer cap, and printed instructions.

Fragrances can easily be changed to fit your mood or the season. Fragrance is not included, but can be purchased here on our online store!   

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