Savannah Rose

The Shop with Attitude

126 East Bay Street, Savannah, GA 31401
(912) 232-9449

Savannah Rose

The sign outside reads "The Shop with Attitude;" upon entering, customers chuckle and smile, nodding in agreement that Savannah Rose has plenty. Conveniently nestled on Upper Factor's Walk, Savannah Rose has a flair for the unique and unusual.
At this eclectic boutique, shoppers discover an elegant Franz porcelain line, which is touted as the finest porcelain in the world. Franz makes gorgeous teapots, vases, and more, so be sure to check out the online catalog and give us a call at (912) 232-9449 for pricing.
Accessories are plentiful, including our handbags. Handmade in the Java Islands, some of our handbags are made out of Vetiver, a plant used to make many high end perfumes (such as Dior and Chanel). Not only do they smell wonderful, but the plant is also known to be used in aromatherapy for depression and as an insect repellent!
Not found anywhere else, Savannah Rose has a collection of handmade fish rattles modeled after a tradition of ancient cultures. Each fish has its own name and purpose outlined on its card from the artist. The rattles all have one common theme: to bring "joy, laughter, and happiness" to the owner!
We also carry the famous hand-beaded Mary Frances purse line, and if you see one you like in their catalog, do contact us for our prices.  
Stunning jewelry adorns the windows and countertops, including the beautiful Mariana collection. Handcrafted in Israel with Swarovski crystal, these 14k rose gold/antique silver necklaces and bracelets can be seen sparkling from across the room.
In addition to Mariana, we have the gorgeous Firefly collection. Handcrafted in Guatemala with Austrian Swarovski crystal, Firefly is bright, colorful, and glimmers in the light. Be sure to view what we have in store!


Another spectacular item we carry at our store are the amazing handcrafted Turkish lamps. Each made out of handcut glass in Turkey, these lamps are sure to bring brightness and uniqueness to any room.



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