Factors Cottage

Factors Cottage has delivered a wonderful shopping experience for customers for over ten years who have discovered the point of differentiation a gift store can offer.

In Factors Cottage you will find an assortment of jewelry, one being the famous designer Ronaldo collection. Handcrafted out of the finest 14K gold and Argentinum silver in the USA, each Ronaldo bracelet contains a different story or meaning behind it.




The store offers a beautiful collection from Joan Baker, the unquestionable leader in hand-painted glass manufacturing artistry. **coming soon**


Factors Cottage also features a large display of Woodstock Chimes. These are created and musically tuned by GRAMMY Award Winner Gary Kvistad. See and hear why they are referred to as "The World's favorite Windchime." **coming soon**




Our "kid's corner" features hard to find items for young children including the classic Little Simon "Pop-Up Books", where children can take "The Journey to the Moon" and where favorites like Peter Pan, Cinderella, and more come to imaginary life.. just like when WE were kids.









 Choose from our selection of incredible Fragrance Spheres by Georgia's own Habersham Candle Company. These perform as fragrance "diffusers" without a candle wick, oils to add... or elements to "plug in." And they perform for a minimum of three years!




La-Tee-Da effusion lamps are beautiful works of art! The lamp styles are uniquely handcrafted by glass artisans, each vessel is individually mouth blown and no two are alike. We are happy to offer a wide selection of lamps and fragrances.


We are proud to be selected as the Low Country's source for "Sid Dickens Memory Blocks." This is a very exclusive artistic series that in fact become valuable collectors items for adoring customers. Please call us at (912) 443-9337 for more information.


We believe that the way to truly create a "unique" shopping experience is to have products that have a WOW FACTOR. If an item presented by vendors "might" be a "fit" for Factors Cottage, you can bet that we will just say "no." 

We hope you enjoy Factor's Cottage, "Where the most important factor is the WOW factor!"

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